Welcome to Town of Caswell

Forest County, Wisconsin


The Township of Caswell once consisted of several towns, but now only the little Town of Cavour remains in the township.  The Town of Cavour (Caswell) was established on May 4, 1897, with the new officers being elected in nearby Armstrong Creek as Cavour did not have a town hall at the time. 

Legend has it that Cavour was named after a man who came here in 1887 who was a timekeeper for the Soo Line Railroad.  However there is another story, that it was named after an Italian statesman by the name of Count Camillo BensoDiCavour, a European Diplomat, who was popular in the U.S. at the time.  Two different stories, however, the timekeeper seems to have the edge. 

The town was once a bustling place with a lumberjack population of nearly 600.  The town has a rich history in logging, lumbering and rail service.  Today the Town of Caswell (Cavour) with a population of 90 residents is located on the banks of the Peshtigo River in beautiful Forest County and is a quiet getaway for hunting, fishing, ATV trails, snowmobiling or just a place to get away from it all.